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Friday, April 17, 2009

10 Balls 7 Cups


Here's a classic arcade and carnival game of coordination, transformed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch! If you enjoy playing Skeeball then you'll love this. Using the nimble dexterity of your finger, skillfully launch your ten balls to gain as many points as possible. Your goal: hoard as many tickets as you can. Save up your tickets to redeem awesome prizes within the game. Compete against players worldwide to see who can gain the most tickets. Are you the next 10 Balls 7 Cups master?

This isn't your average iPhone and iPod Touch game. Using the NVIDIA PhysX engine and Unity game engine, 10balls7cups delivers outstanding visual 3D quality with realistic physics uncommon in handheld games.


• IN-GAME STORE to redeem tickets for cool prizes. Like a pet hamster. 
• Easy to learn. Play by simply flicking your finger across the screen or making a bowling motion. 
• Apply fine control by tilting the phone to add spin. 
• Brag to your friends about the awesome loot you have redeemed. 
• Uses the NVIDIA PhysX engine to deliver console-quality physics. 
• Global high score boards. Compete for top spot. 
• If you liked playing Skee-Ball, this will bring back plenty of memories!

Pirates : Sea Battle 2

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum 
Drink and the devil had done for the rest 
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Limited time offer - buy now for 0,99

Only real pirates can live free life. You can try to be a pirate in this awesome game. You have only one pirate ship with a crew and cannons on it. Lots of different ships want to destroy you. But you have to do it first. Gather gold from breaking ships and upgrade your one. You can also engage enemy ships in close combat. If all the enemy crew is taken out, you can plunder the ship.

How to play: 
- hold the steering wheel to move your ship; 
- stop holding the steering wheel to stop moving; 
- rotate your steering wheel to control the ship; 
- press the "cannon" button to fire cannons; 
- come over the destroyed enemy ship to collect gold; 
- you can see info panels next to all ships. They show the ship integrity, the number of cannons and the crew of the enemy ships.

We hope you enjoy playing this game!


Pirate Wings

Meet Raoul and his strange friends in a new kind of game mixing Race and Shoot them Up. 
Use your iPod to ride at full speed on board of flying ships in stunning 3D graphics environnements.

Three game modes are available:

- Races mode with 9 race circuits, 3 different environments (Canyons, Underwater world, Outer Space), 4 characters and 12 ships available for 3 levels of difficulty. Use your lasers, missiles, mines and Boost to finish first.

- Story Mode where you'll discover the incredible adventure of Raoul, a canyon pilot who will ally with the space pirates to avoid the trap of the defiant commander Burp in 19 original missions.

- Ghost mode to improve your lap time and compare your scores online.


Star Blast

A new space mission with dangerous enemies coming from Deep Space is about to start…watch out for the enemies that are already looking for you! This time it will be very difficult to face them all…are you ready for the final challenge?


StickWars - Siege is a fast-paced, action-packed game that requires lighting-fast fingers and cunning strategy.

Tap, flick, and shake your way to victory the first high-quality castle defense game for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

** Buy now for only $0.99 while the game is in early versions. As more content is added, the price will increase, but early adopters will receive these updates for free! **


- Unlimited rounds. Keep playing until defeated. 
- Automatically saves your game at the end of each round. 
- Shake to deploy bombers, shake again to detonate! 
- Original graphics and sound effects. 

Upcoming SOON in version 1.1 (already submitted to Apple)

- Wizards who grant the ability to cast spells against the enemies. 
- Repairmen who automatically repair your castle walls.

Coming in version 1.2 (current in progress):

- Online high-score rankings. 
- More enemies requiring special strategies.

Alien Assault

Unleash an alien assault on planet Earth! Tilt to control your spaceship as your powerful energy beam explodes everything in your path. Collect energy and points from the objects you destroy, but beware – the puny humans will try to defend themselves. Tanks and soldiers are no match for your alien technology, but avoid missile silos at all costs! Evaporate all your enemies before your energy supply runs out and claim Earth for your own!

Night Camera

Tips on iPhone night photography: 
1. Clean the lens with lens cleaning tissues, not your finger. Dirty lens will cause light source to glow. 
2. Do not shoot strong light sources directly. 
3. Do not be too tense. Hold naturally. 
4. Hold in landscape orientation with both hands. 

Night Camera helps you to take sharp photos at night or other low light conditions, by using the built-in accelerometer to trigger the shutter when it detects the camera being stable.

iPhone camera, like other cell phones, has some problems. While washed-out color and low contrast can be fixed by Photoshop, iPhoto, or our Photo Lab app, no software can fix blurs caused by shaky hands. That's especially a problem for night photos.

Night Camera can not be simpler. Tap the shutter button, it will start checking the accelerometer. Be calm, hold still, it takes the photo when the accelerometer detects the camera is steady. You get to review the photo before saving.

New after 1.5! Now it is three camera in one! In addition to the stable mode, you can also use it as a regular camera, or a camera timer. In all three modes, you can use the full screen as shutter button.

- Camera mode 
- Sensitivity 
- Fullscreen shutter (if Auto shutter is off, tap the whole screen as the shutter button) 
- Vibration at Review (Great for self portraits) 
- Repeat (time mode only, take a photo every x seconds) 
- Resolution (full 1600x1200 vs Quick 427x320) 
- Film type: Color, B/W grayscale, Sepia, Hard Light 
- Auto Save 
- Time Stamp 
- etc

It is so simple that we cannot even do a screenshot - pressing the home and sleep button together for the screenshot will surely give a blurry result. So, take a look at the sample photos, which we took around the San Francisco. Those are all real photos, taken with Night Camera, without any post-processing or touch-up.

To improve color, contrast and others, please check out our Photo Lab app. 

Enjoy iPhone camera, even at night.